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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant has emerged as a popular and innovative technique for hair restoration. It combines the benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with the use of specialized sapphire blades to create tiny incisions for hair transplantation. This blog will take you through the entire procedure of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant, including candidacy, planning, the surgical process, and post-operative care.

What is Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant?

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant is an advanced hair restoration technique that utilizes sapphire blades instead of traditional steel blades for making incisions on the scalp. The use of sapphire ensures precision, reduces trauma to the scalp, and accelerates the healing process. This minimally invasive procedure is known for its natural-looking results and minimal scarring.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Stages

The Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation process can be broken down into several stages:

Before undergoing the hair transplant procedure, the patient must be evaluated by a qualified hair transplant specialist to determine their candidacy. Not everyone may be suitable for the procedure, and a thorough examination is necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

Who is a Right Candidate for Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation?

Ideal candidates for Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation are individuals with male or female pattern baldness or hair loss due to other factors. They should have sufficient donor hair on the back or sides of the head, as this hair will be harvested and transplanted to the thinning or balding areas.

Online Consultation for Sapphire FUE Hair Technique

To streamline the process and provide convenience, many hair transplant clinics now offer online consultations. During the consultation, the specialist will assess the patient’s hair loss condition, explain the Sapphire FUE technique, and answer any questions or concerns.

Examine Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

On the day of the surgery, the patient will be prepared for the procedure, and the surgeon will reevaluate the hairline design and the number of grafts required.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Planning / Graft Count

During this stage, the surgeon will plan the transplantation process, including determining the number of grafts needed and the distribution of grafts for a natural-looking result.

Hairline Sapphire FUE Hair

Creating a natural-looking hairline is crucial for a successful hair transplant. The surgeon will use the sapphire blades to make precise incisions and meticulously place the grafts to match the natural hairline.

Anesthesia with Sapphire FUE

Before the hair transplant begins, local anesthesia will be administered to numb the scalp, ensuring a painless and comfortable experience for the patient.

Sapphire Technique Hair Root Collection

In the next step, the surgeon will use a specialized tool to extract individual hair follicles from the donor area, usually the back or sides of the head.

Sapphire Channel Opening Technique

Using sapphire blades, tiny incisions are made in the recipient area, where the extracted hair follicles will be transplanted. The use of sapphire blades ensures minimal trauma to the scalp and faster healing.

Sapphire Technique Hair Root Transplantation

During this crucial phase, the harvested hair follicles are carefully implanted into the pre-made incisions in the recipient area, ensuring a natural-looking hair growth pattern.

Following Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

The Sapphire Method Wound care / First Wash

After the surgery, the patient will receive detailed instructions on wound care and the first wash process. Proper care is essential for optimal healing and graft survival.

The first 1-3 months following a Sapphire FUE hair transplant

During the initial months, the transplanted hair will shed, which is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. New hair growth will gradually start within a few months.

The first six months following a Sapphire FUE hair transplant

Around six months after the surgery, patients will begin to notice visible hair growth in the transplanted areas. The hair will continue to thicken and mature over time.

One year later the Sapphire FUE hair transplant Method

After one year, patients can expect significant hair growth and a noticeable improvement in their hair’s thickness and appearance. The final results may continue to improve for up to 18 months after the procedure.

Price of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey in 2023

The cost of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation in Turkey can vary depending on various factors such as the extent of hair loss, the number of grafts required, the reputation of the clinic, and the experience of the surgeon. Generally, Turkey is known for offering competitive prices for high-quality hair transplant procedures.


Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation is a state-of-the-art technique that has revolutionized hair restoration procedures. By utilizing the precision of sapphire blades and the expertise of skilled surgeons, patients can achieve natural-looking and long-lasting results. If you are considering a hair transplant, it’s essential to consult with a reputable clinic and discuss your suitability for Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation. Remember, proper aftercare and patience are key to achieving the best possible outcome from your hair transplant journey.